Oculoplastic Surgery


Medically necessary and cosmetic consultations

Oculoplastic Procedures & Conditions

There are many medical conditions that affect your eyelids and the skin around your eye. Excessive upper eyelid skin folds (dermatochalasis), droopy eyelids (ptosis), and a sagging brow (brow ptosis) can all limit your vision. Other conditions like a blocked tear duct or sagging lower eyelid (ectropi0n) can cause tearing. Sometimes the eye may have irritation or pain because the eyelashes are growing against the eye (trichiasis) or the lower eyelid is turned in, toward the eye (entropion). The eyelid is also exposed to the sun and there are situations where growths need to be removed and biopsied. There are also situations where the facial muscles spasm (blepharospasm) and Botox injections may be helpful. For all of these medically necessary needs we may be able to help you as well as for consultations for cosmetic eyelid evaluations.

Here are some of the oculoplastic procedures & conditions we can treat:

  • Blepharoplasty Surgery
  • Ptosis Repair Surgery
  • Blocked Tear Duct
  • Muscle Relaxing Injections

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